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Hello world!

Welcome to the place where you will learn to grow and find Joy in the little things.

   I am a stay-at-home mom and wife in an interabled marriage. Being in an interabled marriage means that one person is handicap while the other is not. 

   I met my husband on (dare I say it) Christian mingle. lol yes. We are a product of online dating. Honestly don’t regret one thing about it. It’s just funny when you say it out loud. & yes my husband was already disabled when we met. That always seems to be such a surprise to people. 

   I am a woman of faith. Through faith, I have been able to overcome so many things that the world said I couldn’t. Anxiety that I should just “LIVE WITH”. Depression that would never go away. Self-doubt as a mom that would take over my days. But my God said absolutely NOT! I let go of my ways and did it all HIS!

   I truly believe our purpose in this life is for us to spread the gospel. I want to show you how in our everyday life we can live our purpose and show everyone around us who God is and overcome our struggles. 






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